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Emmanuel Kassimo: Solo Guitar and singer

Born in 1971, Emmanuel began learning the guitar at 10 years old from his father, grandfather and uncles, all of whom are guitarists. Until the age of 20, he only played guitar within the family.
In the mid-90s, Emmanuel moved to the central region of France where he met Retcha Robin – a guitarist and renowned composer in the traveler (Sinti) community. It was Retcha’s influence that was directly responsible for Emmanuel’s shift in musical direction toward Manouche (Romani) songs.

Since a few year, Emmanuel has became a singer of gypsy traditional songs.


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Jean Baptiste Frugier : Violin

A l’issue de ses études musicales, Jean-Baptiste FRUGIER obtient un D.E.M. de formation musicale au C.N.R. de Boulogne Billancourt et un D.E.M. de Jazz à l’E.N.M.D. d’Evry.
Après deux années au cabaret « Chez Raspoutine », Jean-Baptiste FRUGIER se diversifie dans divers styles. Ainsi, il collabore avec différentes formations, notamment : « L’ensemble Aromates » musique arabo-andalouse ancienne, « Les Argonafts » jazz/cocasien/andalou, « Soleil Bleu » chansons métissées. Parrallèlement, il participe aux tournées d’Hervé Vilard (Olympia, Bataclan, Mogador, Belgique, Suisse…) Depuis 6 années, il enseigne également la formation musicale au conservatoire de Charenton-le-Pont.Il joue avec Am Ketenes depuis 2010.


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Pablo Robin: Rythm Guitar
Pablo learned guitar from his father, Retcha, a Manouche guitarist and composer of songs about the life of the traveler communities.Coming from a family whose members are mostly singers, Pablo would often perform with his father and cousins at congresses, pilgrimages and other Manouche (Sinti) gatherings. After his fateful meeting with Emmanuel Kassimo, who was playing with Stéphane Wrembel and Ti’frere Ziegler at the time, he decided to dedicate himself to Manouche “pump” and began playing with Emmanuel and a few other musicians in central France, which is precisely how “Am Ketenes Swing” came into being.


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Jean-Charles Bavouzet: Double Bass
A professional bass player since 1989, Jean-Charles’ musical odyssey is filled with rock, pop, funk and song as part of various bands including WEASTCOAST, GROOV’INQUATTRO and TNTN.
He studied jazz for a year with Theirry Valliot in Tours. This led to other meetings with the François Sauzet Quartet, RBH with Gerome Rateau, Larry Tomko and Cosmocooler among others.


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