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L'Holocauste Oublié

Am ketenes - L'holocauste oublié
Am ketenes - L'holocauste oublié

Many gypsy musicians and jazz masters had taken part to this record Patrick Saussois, Daniel Givone, p'tit frere Ziegler, Kamlo Barré, Florent Maton, Désiré Winterstein and many more close to Am Ketenes Swing players who had produced this album


This album is a picture of romani culture (in France) today.

You will discover traditional songs of gypsies from France. The band Am ketenes (It means all together in gypsy) is born just after the recording of this album.


Nevertheless, this cd doesn't represent anymore what we do in concerts today.

There is also some songs of Retcha Robin, in french.

Especially the song L'Holocauste oublié deals with the internment and killing of gypsies in second world war...